Hi, we are Jason and Chris and we’re glad you decided to check out our site. We are each dads to three awesome kids and husbands to strong, amazing women. Dad Likes Gear grew out of our mutual love for all things gear, gadgets, and tech. Our wives claim we were destined to meet simply so we could each have someone to talk to about our weird obsessions. Whether knives, camping equipment, or kids gear, we find ourselves researching every aspect of what we plan to buy. Unfortunately, we often find that the reviews out there are either too focused on the good and shy away from the bad or they fail to focus on durability and ruggedness. The information out there tends to be regurgitated product descriptions and inauthentic assessments of gear that we cannot tell whether it is genuine or simply paid advertising. It seemed impossible to find reliable and honest reviews, so we decided to do it ourselves.

We have also found that many reviews for kids gear do not come from a dad’s perspective. There are so many great moms out there with tremendous insight into all sorts of kids products. We wanted to add our voice to the mix and hopefully add another perspective. As two very active dads, we try to make sure we do our due diligence when searching for and purchasing gear for our kids. We also want to share our love of the outdoors with our kids and focus on products that are durable, can be passed down, and are extremely functional.

We hope you’ll find the reviews on our site helpful and appreciate any comments or suggestions. One of the things we are very passionate about is transparency. All of the gear we will initially be reviewing is gear that we have bought ourselves after doing extensive research and likely have used for years. We will also be transparent when gear was purchased used, handed down, or purchased new but on sale such that we may not have bought it otherwise. We want to be 100% honest in our assessments and will be forthcoming if any product we review has not been purchased by us. That is our promise to you because of how important it is to us to find unbiased, quality reviews.

We’re going to be adding content regularly, so please be sure to bookmark the page and come back often!