Blowing bubbles is a time-honored tradition with kids. There’s just something about blowing bubbles that brings joy and an ambience of fun. However, if you have young kids you know that manually blowing bubbles with a wand is a messy and tiring affair. Kids that find the most joy in bubbles also tend to be too young to blow their own bubbles, which leaves all the bubble blowing up to you. And if they do try to blow their own bubbles, they usually end up with slimy bubble liquid all over their hands, which can likely lead to frustration. So what better way to overcome all these challenges than a bubble machine?

Bubble machines come in a wide scale of qualities, and it’s important to consider this if you’re in the market for one to up your outdoors game. My family is quite experienced in bubble machines – we’ve gone through many, most of which never last a whole season before they stop working. So let’s do a rundown on some popular bubble machine options across the quality scale to help inform your bubble machine purchase. Before we dive in though, let me highlight that there are a ton of bubble machines on Amazon. I’m reviewing the ones we have experience with, but there are probably hundreds of other models to choose from. So buyer beware!

Cheap Bubble Machine

The KINDIARY Bubble Machine on Amazon is by all definitions a cheap bubble machine. It is battery powered, which provides the benefit that it can be brought or moved anywhere. It works – for a while. It burns through batteries like whoa, so be prepared to be constantly changing the battery. After about a month the thing stopped working. I’m not sure quite what did it in – if I had to guess I would say it was that somehow bubble liquid got into the electronic inner workings and wreaked havoc.

KINDIARY seal bubble machine, yellow

I cannot recommend this bubble machine. Perhaps if it at least lasted a whole summer, I would be okay with the loss given the price. But for what amounted to no more than one month of automated bubbles, you’re basically throwing your money away.

Not as Cheap Bubble Machine

The Kidzlane Bubble Machine on Amazon costs a bit more than the KINDIARY. Like the KINDIARY, it is battery powered which affords mobility. It also burns through batteries, but not quite as fast as the KINDIARY. If I remember correctly, we got a couple months of out this machine. It didn’t last through the entire “outdoor season” of Spring and Summer, but it got some good use. It similarly stopped working, I think it had something to do with the button on this one.

I also cannot in good conscience recommend this bubble machine. The price is too much for the temporary enjoyment this bubble machine provides. Don’t bother!

Mid-grade Bubble Machine

The Zerhunt Bubble Machine is the newest bubble machine in our inventory, having just been acquired this month. To maintain full transparency, I don’t feel qualified to provide a full review but I will shares our experience to date and update the article as necessary if things change. This bubble machine is both battery powered and corded. We haven’t placed batteries in it yet because it takes C batteries, and who keeps C batteries on hand? But we do currently have it plugged in on our front porch to use while we’re waiting for the bus every morning.

White Zerhunt bubble machine on a sidewalk

The plastic on this bubble machine just feels higher quality than the other two examples. It doesn’t feel nearly as chintzy as the KINDIARY or the Kidzlane. Also, this bubble machine has two speed settings. You can crank out bubbles fast, or slowly burn through your bubble liquid in the lower setting. So far, I am pleased with the purchase. I am feeling confident we will get a while spring and summer out of this, and if that’s the case I might argue the price is worth it. If it doesn’t last until next year, then I will fairly hate on this. But for now, I’m please and everyone in our family is enjoying this machine at the bus stop each morning.

High End Bubble Machine

If you’re looking for the Cadillac of bubble machines, look no further than the ADJ Bubbleton. Neither Chris nor I own this bubble machine, but Chris borrowed it to use at his daughter’s birthday party a few weeks ago. This bubble machine cranks out bubbles! It is corded but also has a rechargeable battery, so mobility is not an issue. If you don’t mind spending a hefty amount, then this bubble machine will stand the test of time.

I did not spend a significant amount of time with the bubble machine because, well, I was enjoying the birthday party. But I did admire it for a moment. It exudes quality. I’m not sure I’d ever spend that amount of money on a bubble machine unless I was a professional DJ or something. But if you are in a market for a bubble machine that will last a long, long time the ADJ Bubbletron is probably it.


Bubble machines come in a spectrum of prices and quality. I would recommend you avoid any of the lower end bubble machines. You’re basically throwing your money away. I also think a bubble Cadillac is overkill for the average person. The sweet spot lies right there in the middle with the Zerhunt Bubble Machine. This bubble machine is of acceptable quality, can use both batteries and corded power, and provides different settings for your bubble needs.