Dad Likes Gear

Honest reviews of gear by two gearhead dads


Who even are you, anyways?

Dad Likes Gear is a blog started by two dads who love gear, the outdoors, and EDC (everyday carry) and want to share their passion and perspective with other buyers to make informed purchases.

Jason Likes Gear is a dad to three kids who craves outdoor adventure and lives buy the old adage, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.”

Jason’s Likes: Hem cinches, knives under $30, temperatures below 20℉, wool base layers, distance hiking / backpacking, and pork

Jason’s Dislikes: Camping in RVs, being read aloud to, mint desserts, and red wine

Chris Likes Gear is a dad to three kids who likes sharp things way too much and is an all around gear and tech nerd.

Chris’ Likes: Swiss Army knives, pizza, time spent outdoors, and learning new skills

Chris’ Dislikes: Static electricity, bananas, waiting in line, and empty cups of coffee

Do we make money from these reviews?

Update September 2022: We applied for and were accepted into the affiliate program. We applied for and are waiting to hear back from the REI affiliate program. Both of these programs are through the AvantLink affiliate network. We may expand the scope of affiliate programs we use through AvantLink, but we will provide updates as we do so. We also applied for and are waiting to hear back from the Kidizen affiliate program (for used gear). For all of these affiliate programs, we earn a small commission if you make a purchase through the links we provide, which helps keep the site running and the gear reviews flowing!

Update August 2022: We applied for the Walmart affiliate program as well. If you see a link for a product from Walmart and you click through and buy it, we will get a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. If you can find something cheaper elsewhere, by all means, do it. We’re having fun writing these reviews and if we get a little extra money from them, that’s awesome. At the end of the day, we try to review gear that we regularly use, regardless of where we purchase it from.

Update May 2022: We applied for the Amazon affiliate program, and so you will start to see Amazon price links throughout our blog posts. We don’t expect to make any significant revenue at our current traffic levels, and fully intend to put any Amazon proceeds towards the purchase of gear that we will review on this blog. We strive to be transparent with our reviews because we want people to feel like they can trust us. It’s hard to know what to trust on sites like Amazon or the like. We are real people that like to give honest reviews. Therefore despite any affiliation(s) we may have, we will remain honest in our reviews and where possible point you to lower prices elsewhere.