April is almost here and… something, something “April showers.” Looking for new rain boots? Look no further. The Baffin Enduro rain boots might just be the best all-around rubber boots there are. *Grabs the mic from Hunter boots* “Yo Hunter, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Baffin has one of the best rain boots of all time!” You can replace this quote with Muck boots or any other notable rain boots.

Pair of Baffin Enduro rain boots
The best rain boots of all time, in all their glory

I got my pair of Baffin Enduro rain boots as a gift from my wife about 8 years ago. I have put these boots through hell and high water – literally to the high water. My boots have survived deep snow adventures, a 16 mile hike through swamps and marshland, shoveling the driveway in the snow, wading clean through creeks and streams, and more. If these boots went kaputt, I’d buy another pair in a heartbeat. The best part though – I’m not sure I’ll ever need to! After 8 years, my boots are holding up like brand new. Yeah, there’s scratches and wear in the rubber but they function like they did on day one. Not a single drop of water gets in these boots.

Baffin makes two versions of these boots – the plain toe (or “PT” version) and the safety toe and plate (or “STP” version). I have the plain toe version, and unless you’re wearing these for work around heavy equipment and the like, I suggest going with the plain toe which should provide more comfort for outdoor adventures.

Some additional features of these boots worth mentioning: They have a self-cleaning outsole (i.e. the little bumps on the outside) which helps shed snow and dirt. They also have a super comfortable sole, dubbed “GelFlex” and “anti-fatigue,” which helps if you have to walk far.

Bottom sole of Baffin Enduro rain boot
View of the sweet grips on the sole, with 8 years of wear

I have worn these boots while hunting on extremely cold days wearing two layers of wool socks, and even without a liner it took a good two hours for my feet to feel cold. Impressive for unlined boots. I have also traversed some of the muckiest, stankiest swamps in my region looking for elusive turkeys in these boots and they keep my feet dry after walking all day. I honestly cannot recommend these boots enough. Whether you’re a hunter, just want rain boots, need them for snow, etc. They’re damn good boots.

Anecdotally, I have seen some hunting buddies’ Muck boots crumble after several years of hard use. My Baffins are still going strong though after 8 years. And I never, ever clean them after use. I just put them away in the condition they arrive home in.

The only negative is that there is no liner made for wearing these in the cold. But that’s not a problem with the boots but with Baffin. C’mon Baffin, get on it!


  • Durable
  • Waterproof beyond reproach
  • Warm even without liner, when paired with thick wool socks
  • Grippy soles
  • Did I say durable?


  • No liner designed for it

Rating: 5 / 5

I honestly can’t think of anything wrong with this boot. It’s damn near perfect. I think a five star rating is warranted here. These boots might not be as sexy as Hunters, as cool as Mucks or XTRATUFs, but they just work. You want a good boot that will last you a decade? Look no further than the Baffin Enduro rain boots.

I would love to hear what you think – whether you had a different experience with these or you’re a Hunter / Muck / XTRATUF fanboy. Also, feel free to drop some questions if you have any!