Father’s Day is fast approaching, have you gotten that dad in your life a gift yet? If not, don’t worry! Over the past few weeks Chris and I have posted a series of gift ideas for Father’s Day that may just save your hide. I’ve pulled together a roundup of these ideas for you to consider when buying your last-minute gift for dad.

Three Father's Day gift ideas

Tech gadgets for outdoorsy dads

I recently posted about three affordable tech gadgets that you can get for your outdoorsy dad.

These include:

Wallets for all types of dads

Chris recently posted about wallet types you can get your dad for Father’s Day.

Some ideas from his post include:

Whiskey tumblers for camping

I recently compared two popular double wall stainless steel whiskey tumblers to use for camping.

The tumblers compared are:

Coleman and YETI whiskey tumblers
Coleman and YETI whiskey tumblers

Coffee and tea brewing

What dad can survive his day without a good cup of Joe? That’s why Chris reviewed some coffee brewing options that can make great gifts.

These options include:


We’ve given you tons of ideas, so if you’re scratching your head consider one of these options – many of which we use ourselves and come with our personal stamp of approval. We wish all you dads out there a happy Father’s Day and hope you get a chance to kick your feet up and relax on your special day.

Do you have other ideas to share for Father’s Day gifts? Comment below to share your ideas with our readers!