Having daughters has taught me so much about hair that I never even considered. Other than my phase in middle school where I aspired to be JTT with an epic middle part and hair to my cheeks, I’ve always had short hair. It never even crossed my mind that hair could cause so much drama. Then I had 2 little girls and I was thrust into hair care like I’ve never seen before. Tangle fighting brushes. Pony tails with elastic hair ties. Even the very act of washing. It’s a daily struggle and I still feel like I’m torturing my girls when I try to step in and “help.” I’ve gotten better, but frequently end up walking dejectedly to my wife, hairbrush in hand, and ask for assistance with a simple pony tail.

Either me circa 1995 or JTT, not sure which

Now little did I know, but swimming offered a host of new hair problems. Trying to stretch a rubber strap over my daughter’s hair to keep the goggles in place erupted into chaos nearly instantaneously. No matter what I did, I ended up pulling her hair. Adjust the strap? Hair pull. Tighten the strap? Torture. Loosen the strap? Armageddon. The whole time, I felt incredibly bad and all my daughter wanted to do was swim. It was then that my wife pointed out another kid with what I can only describe as “head gear but for goggles.” If you know, you know. Rather than using thin rubber straps that are sure to pull the hair, this contraption looked like it might just be the solution to all of our problems. Enter the Frogglez Kids Swim Goggles with Pain-Free Strap. Let’s dive in and do a few laps with these goggles.


Like I said before, these goggles are unique. The neoprene fabric strap system is crucial for avoiding hair care drama with your kids, especially if you have girls with long hair. The strap is stretchy and comfortable for kids and the design is perfect for keeping it anchored in place. The strap even has fun designs like mermaid scales, frogs, and waves. And better yet, they are in super bright colors to make finding them a breeze. The strap itself attaches to the goggles cleverly and utilizes a rubber ring and velcro system. My kids rarely need to adjust the fit, but if they do, it’s much simpler than the old rubber straps of yesteryear. They can even do it themselves, unhooking the velcro, pulling, and reattaching to the side of the strap. Easy peasy.


The strap is excellent on the Frogglez Kids Swim Goggles, so I cannot complain about that aspect at all. As far as goggles go, they need to do 2 things, namely, stay on your head and keep water out of your eyes. These stay on your head perfectly, and thus keep a great seal to prevent water from seeping in. While my kids have used theirs, they do occasionally get water in the goggles. I can’t really say this is the fault of the goggles themselves, rather it’s more likely user error. Kids don’t like things too tight, so my hunch is that if they really compressed the goggles to their face, water would never make it into the goggles. They seal around the eyes just like any other type of goggle you see. The lenses are supposed to be anti-fog, but I do notice them fogging up when my kids are swimming, but that could also be user error.

Frogglez Kids Goggles with Pain-Free Strap. The pain-free refers to no pain for both child and the father attempting to put them on.
Easy adjust straps on these make tightening a breeze.

Extra Features

I think one of the great extra features of the Frogglez Kids Swim Goggles is that they float on the surface of the water. No more sinking goggles to fetch, especially if the water is freezing and you’d really just like to be hanging out in a comfy chair rather than braving frigid waters.


  • Really do prevent hair-pulling and makes everyone immensely happier at the pool
  • Great design that allows quick tightness adjustments
  • They float! No more sunken goggles.


  • I legitimately cannot think of a single con.

Rating: 5/5

Let me know what you think! Do these goggles hop to the front of the line for or do they belly flop and leave you red and with a bruised ego? Comment below!