The Bogg Bag post I made a few months ago is consistently our most viewed post across the whole blog. It makes sense. You’re out and about at the pool, beach, lake, or any other outdoor event and you see someone carrying an enormous Croc on their shoulder. It’s a sight to behold, and you’ll never forget it. Or you’re at your favorite watering hole and your bestie keeps raving about their new bag. You gotta know two things. Is it worth the money? And if so, where can I score one of these elusive bags? Well, I gave my 2 cents on the matter of whether it is worth it in a previous post, but didn’t really point you anywhere useful other than the Bogg Bag website. So where can you go to pick up what I think is an essential pool/beach/lake bag for a family with young kids?

Bogg bag waterproof beach, lake, or pool bag empty exterior view
We use our Bogg Bag throughout the summer and love it.

The OG

If you’re lucky, you can go to the Bogg Bag website and maybe they’ll have a color in stock that you want. As I’m searching the site now, there are certainly colors in stock. It is not impossible to score a Bogg Bag, but if you want a specific one, the stars have to align. I reached out to Bogg Bag’s customer support and they said that they try to balance their inventory between their website and restocking their retailers, so you might have to check in on a regular basis if you really want that specific color. My EDC friends will have to time it perfectly to get that Olive drab (OD) green that they love so much. But fret not, you have more options!

Bogg Bag on the sand with towels
Seriously, this Bogg Bag is amazing for the beach, pool, or lake!

Shop Local

Bogg Bags as a company seems to really engage well with local shops. Once you find a local shop that stocks them, you can try to see if they have a social media presence that provides updates on Bogg Bag inventory. You could also start by searching hashtags on Instagram. Follow either #boggbag or #boggbags to see when shops get new shipments of Bogg Bags in. Bogg Bags has grown a cult following online, so these are pretty active hashtags that you can hopefully follow to either score a bag or see what others are using their Bogg Bags for.

Used But Not Abused

Don’t count out buying used. Because Bogg Bags are durable and easily cleaned, buying used might be your best option. I did a quick search on Facebook Marketplace and found some reasonably priced options. As always, be aware when purchasing anywhere other than Bogg Bags’ official website or a retailer. As with anything popular, there will be knock-offs. Don’t get swindled! If you can get a good deal on a scuffed up Bogg Bag, keep in mind that Magic Erasers work wonders!

The Place that has it all

Amazon has Bogg Bags for sale, but similarly to the Bogg Bag website, they won’t have all the colors you want. It is certainly worth checking out, but the last time I did, the prices were all over the place and very overpriced. I guess depending on how easy it is to get a particular color, it might be marked up compared to retail price. I’m actually not even going to add an affiliate link because it looks like they are sold by scalpers that purchase legitimately and then mark up significantly. You can do better! Still, if you just must have it, go for it. Like the kids say, you only love once.


Bogg Bag Meme
Checking out the new Bogg Bag colors.

I think now is the time to start looking for Bogg Bags. We’re nearing the end of the summer, so hopefully this means that inventory will be better and you can finally score that bag of your dreams in the color you want. You can also pre-order some new fall colors from the Bogg Bag website and they are releasing new sizes of their bags to accommodate different needs.

Let me know if I missed anything on here! Are you planning on getting a Bogg Bag? Do you have something else entirely that has served your family well this summer? We’d love to hear from you!