You can feel it – in the mornings and in the evenings, there’s a nip to the air. Fall is coming, and with fall comes those chilly temperatures. Cold feet are no joke, especially if you’ve got a baby. We’ve found that the Patagonia Baby Synchilla™ Booties are one of the best ways to warm your baby’s tiny feet.

Purple Patagonia baby Synchilla booties
Patagonia baby Synchilla booties that our daughter currently wears

We’ve owned several pairs of these booties across all of our children. They are an excellent, easy, and effective way to keep your kid’s feet warm in colder seasons. They are made of a thin but warm fleece with a rubberized sole to provide good grip for kids who are of walking age. We’ve trusted these booties for all of our kids when they started taking their first steps around the house.

I think the best part about these booties is how easy they are to slip on. They are constructed with a band of elastic between the two fleece pieces that allow you to easily slip them over your kid’s feet. If you’ve ever wrestled a baby or toddler to get their shoes on, you will appreciate the ease with which these slippers can be put on.

Sole of the Patagonia baby Synchilla booties
Rubberized sole that provides good traction for when your baby starts to walk

On top of how easy they are to put on, they don’t come off nearly as easily – they will stay securely on your child’s feet. If you’ve got a kid who constantly kicks shoes or slippers off, the elastic helps hold these in place better than other similar footwear options. If you’ve ever dealt with a nine month old kicking their shoes off in Target repeatedly, I know you feel me.

Another great thing about these booties is how durable they are. Like I said, we’ve owned these for all of our kids. I’d be willing to bet we owned at least five pairs over the years. Not a single pair fell apart or wore thin – they held up even through being walked in outside. That said, we made a conscious effort to not let our kids wear them too much on paved surfaces. But walking around your house or in grass, these booties will hold up. The quality is there, no question.

Elastic band inside Patagonia baby Synchilla booties
This elastic band works wonders keeping these booties on kids’ feet

One great way to use these booties it to pair with a bunting as part of a layering system in winter. When taking our baby to play in the snow, we put fleece footie pajamas with the Patagonia Synchilla Baby Booties over top, and then covered all over with a bunting (or two depending on the temperature!). There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!

One downside worth mentioning is that these run a bit large. Maybe our kids all have small feet, but every pair we’ve owned seemed a bit large when using the correct age range. Maybe that’s intentional, I don’t know, but it’s worth mentioning. However the elastic band effectively keeps them on their feet even if the rest of the bootie seems large.

I want to be clear that we have never owned a new pair of these. Every pair we ever owned was either a hand-me-down or purchased used. I do not think they are worth MSRP, but if you can find a sale or deal on a used pair you should definitely grab a pair or two for your kids. While they make them for many sizes up to 5T, we didn’t really use them beyond 2 years old. But I can attest they work great for kids 0-24 months.


  • Warm
  • Durable
  • Easy to slip on, hard for kids to kick off
  • Great for layering


  • Expensive if new
  • Runs a bit large

Rating: 4.5 / 5

The Patagonia Synchilla™ Baby Booties are solid and will do a great job keeping your baby’s feet warm, and work for them while they’re learning to walk. While I wouldn’t pay full price, I highly recommend these booties to any parents of young kids. Their price new and the fact that they run large are the only downsides and the reasons they didn’t get a full five stars – definitely overpriced for what amounts to a small amount of fleece for a baby… But if you shop the used market such as on Kidizen or your local Facebook Marketplace they’re definitely worth grabbing. If I’m being honest, I’m a little salty they don’t make an adult size for these. So before the air gets too chilly, get your baby a pair of these – you won’t regret it.

Have you tried these booties? I’d love to hear what you think. Know of other booties or slippers that work well for babies? Please share in the comments!