If you’ve been to our “What we carry” page, you’ll notice that one thing Jason and I carry is a handkerchief. You might be wondering, isn’t that an outdated fad that you stole from your grandpa? Why do you need a handkerchief anyways? Please tell me you don’t carry around boogers all day in your pocket! In a pinch, a handkerchief can serve many different needs and functions. It barely even takes up space in your pocket. Just fold it in fourths and throw it in your back pocket.

My go-to method for carrying a handkerchief is folded in fourths and in my back pocket. Easy to access when you need to and doesn’t add much bulk at all.

Now that you’ve got it in your pocket, here is a list 6 useful things you can use your handkerchief for:

  1. Cleaning glasses/sunglasses – I mostly wear contacts, but I do wear glasses in the morning on the way in to work and in the evenings. You can use the bottom of your shirt to clean your lenses, but depending on the material, that might not do the job. I always get handkerchiefs with a microfiber back to them, so that cleaning glasses or sunglasses is super easy.
  2. Cleaning electronics screens – You’re done typing away on your smartphone and you turn it off only to realize it is covered in smudges and is just all around dirty. It’s disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself! Or, you’re sitting at your desk trying to read emails and you realize you can barely see anything through all the dust collecting on the screen. Well, your microfiber backed handkerchief can save the day again! You should even be using it to clean off your phone’s camera lens for cleaner shots.
  3. Wiping away tears – I’m not crying, you’re crying! But seriously, it’s okay (and healthy) to tear up every once in a while. Imagine your kid scoring the winning goal or nailing that dance move in their recital. If that doesn’t bring a tear to your eyes, I don’t know what will. Don’t hold it all in and use your handkerchief to dry off!
  4. Sweat – Whether you just finished up a workout chasing the kids around the backyard or doing some yard work in the dead of summer, you can skip using your shirt (seriously dude, gross) and use a handkerchief!
  5. Cutlery/tool wipe – After using your cutlery for food prep, give it a good wipe down before putting it in your lunch bag or backpack.
  6. Bats in the cave – Okay, so I don’t use mine for this purpose all the time, but sometimes my kids need their nose wiped and I don’t have any tissues on me. In those cases, we return to the tried and true reason for carrying a handkerchief.
Spread out, this hank can put in some serious work on laptop screens or sunglasses.

There are tons of great small makers that produce awesome patterned handkerchiefs for all your needs. It is a great way to support a small business and get a useful accessory that you absolutely need if you are a parent. So what are you waiting for? Some of my favorite makers in this space are listed below. We are in no way getting compensated by any of these makers, I just personally know they put out a good product and like to spread the love.

I don’t have a problem, you have a problem! My personal hank stack, which gets rotated most every day. When you’re done, throw these in the laundry with your other clothes and you’re all set.

I’ve given you 6 great uses for handkerchiefs, but I’m sure there are more. Let me know what other uses you’ve found for handkerchiefs!