Just recently we got rid of our last stroller. It is the end of an era, and something that feels strange to be done with. So many neighborhood walks were taken in our strollers. We took our strollers on trips to the zoo, the farm, the library, the grocery store, the park, and even across the Atlantic Ocean on a trip to England and France! As a parent of young kids, a stroller is a huge part of your life. That’s why getting a good quality stroller is a must in my opinion. Long long ago when we were expecting our first baby, we did lots and lots of research and tried to weigh cost, features, durability, and ease of transport. Eventually we settled upon the Baby Jogger City Mini GT single stroller and never looked back. This stroller was so good, we eventually got the double when we needed it. And when we went to Disney World with the family recently? We rented the exact same stroller. It’s just that good and here is why.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller


The Baby Jogger City Mini GT single stroller measures 24.5 inches wide by 45 inches long by 43.5 inches tall when fully open. When closed, it packs down into a fairly compact package of 31.5 inches x 24.5 inches x 9.75 inches. It weighs in at 21.5 pounds, making it relatively lightweight and easy to transport. It is not going to even compare to ultra lightweight umbrella strollers, but you’re also not wrestling an enormous jogging stroller either (we also owned a BOB Jogging Stroller for a while and that thing was very nice, but an enormous beast). It think the City Mini GT is a happy compromise that I’ll take any day. The City Mini GT stroller also has a weight limit of 50 pounds, making it suitable for infants and toddlers. In terms of additional specifications, the City Mini GT has a one-handed folding design and comes with a five-point harness and adjustable handlebar for added safety and convenience. It also has an adjustable canopy with clear windows so that you can shield your children from excessive sunlight while also being able to peek in on them.

The stroller does pack down to a fairly small footprint. It was easy to slide into the trunk of our Prius Hatchback at the time or slide vertically into the backseat.
Fashion and function with this canopy for shading your kiddo from the sun

For infants, you can buy adapters to snap your carrier into the stroller without any problem at all. You do lose the ability to use the sun canopy because it uses the same attachment points, but usually your carrier will have something along those lines and you can use a soft muslin blanket to provide additional shade. The attachments that Baby Jogger sells are good quality and we never had any issues with attaching the infant carrier. Then when we were done with that stage, we could easily remove the attachments and go with the standard stroller mode. You can even recline the main seat a bit by loosening the strap on the back, so it can offer a variety of seating position options.

As far as storage goes, there is a small mesh pocket behind the seat and a large storage compartment underneath the seat for carrying essentials. You can also add a very simple caddy on the handle for easy access to water bottles and snacks. This is plenty of storage to keep odds and ends you might need to get through the day. You’re good to go when packing some snacks, a few spare diapers, wipes, and backup clothes (even just typing that makes me glad I am past the days of blowouts and diapers. For those of you first entering this territory, I feel for you. Just know, it’s a rite of passage and you’ll be okay!). One thing I will mention that is not necessarily unique to this stroller, but a full sized diaper bag will fit in the bottom compartment just fine, but once your kid is sitting in the stroller, it is damn near impossible to get a full diaper bag out from under the stroller without pulling your back out and nearly upending the stroller. Maybe you need to just rock Jason’s diaper bag lite and you won’t have that problem. If only I were a younger, wiser version of myself, I’d go back and streamline things a bit more. But that’s what Jason and I are here for. To help you!

Drink caddy for daddy… OK I’ll see my way out.


Durability is something I can firmly attest to with the City Mini GT Single Stroller! We had our stroller for at least 8 years and put it through 3 children. We did choose to mostly store it indoors, so that definitely helped the stroller stay in good shape. Regardless, we took this stroller on airplanes, over all sorts of terrain, and threw it in and out of the trunk of our cars. Despite that, there was no major damage to the stroller. The wheels in particular are what attracted us to the stroller because they were robust enough to go over rougher terrain and they did not need to be maintained and inflated. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT just kept holding up to whatever challenge we threw at it. In fact, the stroller was in such good shape, we were able to sell it recently for nearly half of its original price. Talk about getting the most bang for your buck. So even if you aren’t interested in buying new, you’re sure to find a used one out there in excellent shape because it’s just a good all around stroller.


  • Very durable and takes plenty of abuse!
  • Convenient features such as reclining seats and one-handed closing
  • Compatible with many infant carriers through the use of adapters


  • This is not the lightest stroller you can find
  • A little pricey new, but you can always recoup some of that cost

Rating: 5/5

Overall, the City Mini GT is a well-designed and feature-packed stroller that is perfect for parents looking for a reliable and practical option for their child. Despite some of the drawbacks, I still give this one a 5/5 stars. We just had such good experiences with it and never found ourselves wishing for something different. I would recommend it to anyone to this day and think you should seriously consider it.

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