Where we live, it’s been a cold and rainy winter. We haven’t had the joy of any snow yet, so any precipitation has just been rain. If this keeps up, we’ll roll right into the April showers – a couple more months of rain and mud to look forward to. Lucky for us, we have a pair of the Crocs Handle It kids rain boots for our one-year-old to keep her feet dry.

Crocs Handle It kids boot in pink
These boots are on their second kid, and going strong – they will still make a great hand-me-down when we’re done with them

We’ve had this particular pair of boots for several years now, as our older daughter wore them when she was a toddler. We put them through the wringer, for sure. We have a stream in our yard that makes that part of the yard muddy for about half the year. These boots have withstood constant muddy playing. They’re most definitely durable. When you wash the mud off of them, the boots still look almost brand new and they’re on their second kid.

These boots are super-easy to get onto your kid too. Our daughter, at 18 months, was able to set these boots up and put them on herself. She might not get the right feet each time, but damned if she can’t put her own boots on. Side note: she personally loves these boots, they are her favorite shoes, and so she often puts them on to just strut around the house in them. It’s adorable.

Sizing is worth discussing. If I’m being honest, I have no idea what size the boots we have are. They might be “too big” for our 18-month-old, but the way these boots are designed, size doesn’t really matter that much. There’s a lot of wiggle room. I want to be clear – this is a good thing because you can buy a larger size and they will last your kid longer than you might think. The vertical portion of the boot hugs and flexes well-enough that, though the feet may or may not be snug, the boots will stay on your kids feet. I would not recommend taking these boots for lengthy hikes or anything, but for around town use they are solid and will last a long time if you buy a size or two larger than you think you need.

You’re probably wondering – are these boots waterproof? The answer is a resounding yes. My daughter’s feet are always dry, no matter how many puddles she splashes in or how much mud she treks through. The rubbery Croc material is impermeable. You can count on these boots to be waterproof.

The treads on these boots are fantastic. After two kids and heavy use, the treads on the bottom of these boots are showing no signs of wearing down. They look almost new to this day. You won’t have to worry about these becoming slippery after heavy use – the treads will hold up and keep your kids safe for your outdoor adventures.

While there is some wear on the heel, the majority of the treads on these boots are holding up extremely well – and these boots get worn all the time

It’s also important to note that these boots are light. They’re lighter than traditional rubber boots. For young walkers under two, who may not have the balance and/or stamina of older kids, the lightness pays dividends.

Lastly, the price on these boots is amazing. Even brand new and at MSRP, these boots are a great deal. Since you can size up, one pair will last you a while. If you spend significant time outside in rain / mud, or are looking for boots to get your kids outside more, these are well worth every cent. If you can find a used pair for even cheaper, all the better. But in most cases, the used pairs I’ve seen aren’t going for much less than a new pair. While I strongly encourage purchase of used gear, if new is just as cheap or not much more – it’s hard to resist buying new. That is definitely the case with these boots.


  • Durable
  • Easy to put on
  • One larger size should fit for a long time
  • Waterproof
  • Good tread
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable!


  • None!

Rating: 5 / 5

Given that the Crocs Handle It kids rain boots are pretty basic rain boots, it’s hard to provide any more insight on them than I already have. Importantly, I can’t even think of any cons for these boots. They’re just great. If you’re in the market for rain boots for your toddler, the Croc Handle It kids rain boots can’t be beat. You won’t regret purchasing these boots – every cent is money well spent.

Do you have experience with these boots, or have other options readers should consider? Comment below! Thank you for reading!