Dudes and and dudettes – if you haven’t already heard of the Surfer Dudes™ beach toy, well then you’re in for a treat. While sand toys are cool and all (I love me a good sand castle), Surfer Dudes™ give all other beach toys a run for their money.

Surfer Dudes Donegan Doolin with a green board, green hair, and purple fin and purple shorts. Placed on the beach with waves crashing behind it.
Our Surfer Dude, Donegan Doolin, getting some action while on spring break in Florida. Note he lost one of his hair pieces from heavy use,

Dubbed the “world’s first surf boomerang,” the way this toy works is pretty straightforward. Assembled, it includes a board, a dude (or dudette) on the top, and a fin on the bottom. It works by grabbing the board by the nose and throwing it into the waves. It will then proceed to catch the wave and ride back into shore.

I’ll be completely honest – my kids aren’t the only ones who love this toy. I find equal joy in tossing our Surfer Dude out and watching him ride in. We recently took our Surfer Dude – Donegan Doolin – with us on our spring break trip to Florida and spent a couple hours over the course of the week playing with it. Our family loves our Surfer Dude so much that we buy them as birthday gifts for friends and family.

Surfer Dudes™ are also pretty durable. We’ve had ours for about 2 years now. Beyond beach play, our kids play with ours in the yard (we have a stream in our yard). When we go to the beach, we just throw him loose in the car and we’ve never worried about him breaking. Well, ours did lose a chunk of his hair spikes at some point but it still works and catches waves every time.

Surfer Dudes™ come in a wide variety of colors and characters, both male and female. They also make Surfer Dudes Legends and Surfer Dudes Pets for even more variety, for a little extra money. So there are countless options to match your kids’ personalities.

Besides the broken piece of his hair, the only complication we’ve experienced with our Surfer Dude is that sand got into the part where the fin connects to the board, and so it’s jammed on there. There’s no removing it without breaking the fin. But it’s not really a problem because there’s no reason to remove the fin. The fin is stuck on there now and, if anything, we can rest assured that it won’t come off in the ocean.


  • Fun
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Hair pieces might break off
  • Sand may cause the connection between fin and board to jam

Rating: 5 / 5

Surfer Dudes™ deserve a solid 5 star rating. It’s an injection of fun into your beach trips unlike any beach toy you’ve had before. It’s great for young kids who can’t independently swim in the water or catch waves themselves. While it might seem like a lot of money for a beach toy, it’s a toy that will last you multiple years and provide countless hours of entertainment for you and your children. This is especially helpful for those moments when you want to just sit and chill on the beach while you watch your kids play. So I’d say it’s worth every penny and affordable given the amount of entertainment it will provide. While I noted a couple cons, I can’t really count those against the toy because they don’t affect the function at all.

Have you played with a Surfer Dude before? Let me hear your experience in the comments! Got any questions about how it works? Drop a question below!