Today we added a new section to the site called “What We Carry.” This page contains a list of the items that we EDC (everyday carry) on a daily basis. You will find descriptions of why we like the products, how we carry them, and links to where you can purchase them. As we update our EDC setups – and we do A LOT – we will update the page accordingly.

Picture of Chris’ gear including knife, multitool, pen, flashlight, backup battery, handkerchief, and wallet
Chris’ carry items as of May 2022 – full list available on the “What We Carry” page

So why should you care about what we carry? Well, for one you can be assured that we have put heartfelt research and testing into the decision to carry an item on us daily. You can get ideas, both for yourself or gifts for others in your life, of useful new items that work well for EDC.

Be sure to check back to “What We Carry” often to see if we’ve made any updates!

What do you carry? We would love to hear about your favorite items you carry daily. Drop a comment below and let us know!