We here at Dad Likes Gear are ready for summer. We’re tired of the fluctuating temperatures and can’t wait to spend even more time outdoors. While Jason wrote a great article about getting outside no matter what time of year it is, you can’t deny that the sunshine and warmer weather makes it that much easier to motivate both yourself and the kids to spend more time outside. While it’s not quite here yet, it is time to start thinking about what gear you need to be ready for your summertime adventures! We dug back through our archives and found some great items that we reviewed and still stand behind to this day. Are you prepared or do you need to pick up some gear to have the best summer ever?

The Haul

Half the battle is moving stuff around from point A to point B. Whether that’s a short drive to your local pool or a roadtrip to the beach or lake, gear needs to be transported somehow! Here are some thoughts:

  • Bogg Bag – This is by far our most popular article and for good reason. Although a little pricey, this bag has won Chris over. It has structure, is waterproof, and stores a ton of your kids’ gear. Pick up one or two, and you’ll thank us. Last we checked, they are not impossible to find anymore, although Chris did also write an article about places to look to buy elusive Bogg Bag colors. Start looking now before it’s too late and you’re schlepping your gear to the pool in *shudder* a canvas bag that will get SOAKED the moment you put it down.
  • The Roof Bag – The Roof Bag is an excellent way to get your gear from destination to destination. It packs away nicely until it’s time to make your next roadtrip. Chris has put his through the paces and it still performs admirably!

Essential Summer Gear

  • Frogglez Swim Goggles – Chris and his family love the Frogglez swim goggles and you should too! No more pulled hair, especially for all the girl dads out there. Pool season will be here in a month and you need to have these packed away for that first plunge of the season!
  • Surfer Dude – Jason thinks the Surfer Dude might be the best beach toy ever created. Five minutes with one of these dudes or dudettes will convince you as well! Your kid might not ever want to leave the beach when you have one (or three) Surfer Dudes just waiting to shred some gnarly waves.
  • Crocs or Natives – Chris just wrote up a piece on two classic pieces of summer footwear. While both have their merits, only one could win. Which one was it? Go back and read it to find out. No matter which one you choose, your kids absolutely need some quality footwear to wear to the pool, lake, or beach.

Get Outside

We’re just excited for some nicer weather in the near future and we hope you are too! We will continue to pump out some articles for quality gear that you might want to consider this summer as well as more how-to articles and whatever strikes our fancy. What are you looking forward to the most?